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Strategy First Delivers

Strategy is a frequently used word in today's business world. The non-profit world discusses it and actively seeks it in awareness and funding. All successful businesses, large or small, for profit or charitable organizations depend upon the right strtatgy for sucess.

Strategy First offers contract and freelance services to in-house Toronto seo company marketing department, advertising/publc relations firms, charitable organizations and direct business clients.  Wheter it is consultation, project managment or specific project work Strategy First works with clients to meet thier communication objectives using smart, cost-effective and successful tactics, both traditional and non-traditional.

Marketing, advertising, public relations, issues management, social media, crisis consultation and branding are just the first layer of services that can be contracted out to Strategy First.  Creative, personable, deadline driven and out-of-the box philosophies are the foundation of Strategy First.

Contracting for freelance services with Strategy First is simple and easy for work like:

Project Management
Marketing Consultation´╗┐

Project Implementation
Public Relations
Media Relations
Social Media Planning

Social Media Execution
Crisis Communications and Planning

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